Hairazors Salon is proud to give back to our community by participating in
programs supporting breast cancer research and promote awareness of the
importance of early diagnosis.
For more information on breast cancer awareness, go to

  • October, 2012
    Hairazors is offering "Pink Strands" hair extensions by Pure Extensions to raise funds and
    remind our valued customers that "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month."
    This year these fun pink colored extensions are only $5 each, and the proceeds will be
    donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

  • October, 2011  
    We had fun with our clients with the "Pink Hair for the Cure" hair extensions  that were
    available throughout the month, one extension for $10, two for $15.

    We would like to thank our customers for their concern and their support! We are proud to
    announce that we were able to raise $980 for this important cause.

  • October, 2010  
    Thank you to our clients who participated in our 2010 "Hairazors Cut for the Cure"
    campaign to raise awareness and funding for the research to cure breast cancer. Haircuts
    were provided for a donation of at least $20 per cut.
Community participation

Through awareness, medical
research and new treatment
options, deaths due to breast
cancer have been very
significantly reduced.

According to the American
Cancer Society, in the last two
decades, the breast cancer
death rate has dropped by 32

Did you know that men can
also be victims of breast
cancer? Men are urged to
report any unusual changes
or lumps to their physicians
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